Welcome carpets are the first thing that greets you when you enter your house. People invest much more money in welcome carpets and want those carpets that are visually attractive and they dress up their entryway and make guests feel welcome. Not only these carpeted beautifying the hallway, but they are also convenient for keeping dirt out of your home. They accumulate sand, sludge, snow, mulch, and tints. Welcome carpets come in different shapes and sizes and designs. 

Here we discuss the different designs of welcome carpets that will help you to purchase.

Designs of welcome carpet

Anti-Fatigue carpets

  • Those people who are in a meeting or at a wedding table know how tired your feet and legs can get because standing all day can create disorder in your muscles and joints, especially if your shift is more than eight hours long.
  • Luckily, anti-fatigue carpets can help. These carpets are made up of a flexible foam that permits you relaxation and gives greater comfort while you’re working, as well as extra thicknesses.
  • The materials that are used in the carpets not only make them comfortable but also more accommodating to your legs and feet.
  • These carpets are made of some type of PVC foam that is non-rigid so when you are standing they can accommodate and cushion your feet, and also they come in many sizes.
  • Welcome carpets are not only used indoors but also used in kitchens or workshops in individual homes.

Drainage carpets

  1. While standing, these carpets are designed not only for the comfort in a professional kitchen or machine shop but are made in such a way so that liquids and even small pieces of food drain through the holes very easily so that clean-up later is much easier and faster
  2. The best advantage of these carpets is that you can pick up the mat when your shift is over and easily bend or wash down the floor to get it clean once again.
  3. They come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit every facility’s needs, and they are also resistant to grease and chemicals.

Ribbed Entry Door carpets

  • Ribbed Entry Door carpets are used in commercial sides such as retail stores and restaurants and they are manufactured mainly for indoor use. These carpets are usually made out of thick, rigid ones that have an oblique design so that you cannot trip while walking on them.
  • These carpets are great for main entrances and areas that experience heavy traffic, and usually contain a non-slip backing so that these carpets don’t slide all over the place.

Anti-Static carpets

  • These carpets are used inside factories around equipment such as printers, computers, and copying machines, among others.
  • They are made up of vinyl material and they reduce muscle strain. The main purpose of these carpets is to remove damage from electrical shock.

Carpet mats

  • These Carpet are mostly used in storerooms and industrial locations. They are designed to prevent dirt, dust, and dirt that are being tracked from outside to indoors, or from a storeroom to an office area.