Rust Can Be Prevented Quickly Through The Following Steps

Rust on the iron is a prevalent factor leading to breakage and damage. As we all know, water droplets on the iron substance will lead to rust if not dried or wiped away. During the rainy season, these factors are seen especially, so you must take extra care of the railings exposed to rain. There are a few techniques that can help you to get rid of rust iron (สนิม เหล็ก, which is the term in Thai).

Causes Of Rusting

So too much exposure to oxygen, which contains moisture, leads to rusting. If you wipe the iron with dry clothes daily, it will shine like a new thing. But we don’t maintain these things, which leads to corrosion. The rust is of different colors, like red, brown, yellow, and black. Red rust is a kind of rust where the iron is mainly exposed to oxygen, talking about yellow rust is not exposed to oxygen but to extreme heat, which forms a yellow coating on the surface. About brown and black rust this rust happens on the steel. It appears like a spot due to specific chemical reactions; removing these spots is hard.

How To Remove Rust?

A few home remedial processes will help you with the rusted iron.

Firstly, apply the potato pieces to the affected area as it has the benefit of oxalic acid. Only you need to dip it in soap water and rub it on the affected place to get the best results.

Secondly, vinegar is the most fantastic thing to eradicate rust; it’s easy and hassle-free, only you need to apply a few of it, place it for a few minutes, and rub it, and you can see the miracle.

Thirdly, sandpaper or baking soda also can be of good use, the disadvantage of using sandpaper is that it can create marks of scratches due to its rough surface, so if you have baking soda, it’s better to go for it.


The best way is to apply an anti-rust coating on the surface so you need not worry about rust iron shortly; only occasionally, wipe the dirt with dry clothes. As it’s hard to remove rust so if you are a busy man, apply the paint on steel or iron to avoid further damage. Apply the paint, keep it for 1 to 2 hours, and then repaint it. So if you are constructing your new home, order this paint to keep your home safe and secure.