How Do You Maintain Delta UPS RT Series

Have you recently purchased a new Delta UPS RT Series? Well, the UPS system is one of the faster battery systems that provide you an excellent uninterrupted battery service when you need it. But how do you maintain it? Let’s know the tips below and enjoy the battery’s optimal performance.

Install It In A Cool Or Dry Place

It would help to keep your UPS in a place where the temperature does not increase more than 77°F or 25°c as the 8° of temperature increase can lower the battery life. Keep the battery in such a position, so the airflow can’t get disrupted. Avoid placing it near an open window or high moisture area.

Calibrate It Once Or Twice In A Life

The runtime calibration is another major thing that affects the battery life of UPS. You can go for one or two calibrations yearly to keep it running smoothly. Make sure you don’t calibrate the battery more than once or twice; otherwise, it can reduce the service life of the UOS system.

Usage Of The Battery

Usage also plays a major role in maintaining the battery life. In that case, frequent power cuts and discharging of the battery can shorten the battery life. If the battery gets discharged frequently at a low level, it will damage the service life of the storm.


Regular maintenance of your Delta UPS RT Series keeps it performing smoothly. Some maintenance tips include cleaning the system regularly, replacing old batteries, etc., to ensure the battery’s health. Apart from that, you place the battery in a well-ventilated area.

Replace It Whenever It Needs

Over time, the battery quality can degrade and lose the ability to hold a charge. Depending on the usage of the batteries, it is suggested to replace them every three or five years. Returning it on time, you can ensure that the battery increases the backup time and it stays safe during power shortages or electricity cut-offs.


All these are the ways to maintain the Delta UPS RT Series. If you face any serious issues with your UPS system, don’t miss to get it checked by professionals. However, following the above tips, you can ensure the battery stays well for a long time.