Call Monitoring Requirements

Call monitoring is a service that allows supervisors to monitor calls or texts in a contact center or other type of business. It’s an excellent way to ensure that employees provide excellent customer service and meetthe business’s expectations. It’s also a valuable tool for training and coaching new employees, ensuring they understand how to handle various situations, or simply giving feedback on their work.

Whether a small or large company, ensure to use call monitoring correctly. This means that everyone should meet the goals and standards set up for the staff. This will help them to understand what they have to do and how they should do it, resulting in better performance and results for the company. Below are some requirements regarding call monitoring.


This is the most important of all call monitoring requirements and can be a crucial part of any quality assurance program. It makes it clear to everyone in the company that they need to deliver the highest level of customer service possible and that they’ll be held accountable for their actions if they don’t achieve this.

Reward and Recognition

One of the biggest benefits of call monitoring is that it can help recognize your best performers, motivating them to improve their performance further. This will help create a positive culture within the team and make them want to continue improving their work and attitude.


Another aspect of call monitoring that’s extremely useful is that one can listen to recordings of previous calls to see how a particular person has performed and what they should have done differently in order to get the best outcome. 

This can be especially helpful when the company needs to comply to communication compliance since it has the ability to record WhatsApp or other communication applications that the company uses.

The right recording software is an essential element of any good call quality monitoring program, allowing the team to review a sample of call recordings and provide feedback for the agents on each interaction. It also enables the team to use a form of scoring for each recorded conversation so that it can be easily analyzed and interpreted.

As a result, they often use call monitoring as part of their quality assurance process to ensure that agents are meeting all of the necessary standards and directives for their job. 

To know more about the current call monitoring landscape, here is infographic content from TeleMessage.