4 Classic and Timeless Wardrobe Items

Debating if one should “keep” or “drop” an item from their closet is not how we deal with fashion in 2022. Like our exes, fashion also changes over time. So what do we mean by “timeless wardrobe items”, you must be wondering. There are some items in our wardrobe that have passed and stood the test of time. Completely protecting us from thwarting our selves when we are out of choices and in doubt about what to wear. Always, rescuing us and creating a safe space for us to reach out. The most feasible fashion choice you can make is to opt to what you have and wear it from time to time.

We have gathered some classic and timeless items you can use to make your wardrobe extravagant and lavish. There are some items that might need some investments, but you should not be scared to be extravagant on them. These items are typical and they can last for years or decades if you take good care of them.

  1. White Dress Shirt

A white dress shirt can be your best friend as it can go with you everywhere. Whether for work, an interview or a sophisticated look for a nice diner. You can tuck them in to give a bossy look and even if left out they look neat. This is not an item you would want to lose its charm after a couple of washes. A splurge on a white shirt is worth it. You can avail the Lazada promotion code to get one.

  1. All-White Sneakers

All-White sneakers are a classic style staple today and they don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Once you get them, you’ll definitely wish you had them earlier. There are endless ways to style them. If you want them to go with your entire outfit, go for the one with little to no embellishments on them. Adidas Stan Smiths are one of the most liked in fashion. To look stylish and extravagant, pair them with a solid dress along with an oversized denim jacket.

  1. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is timeless. In the past, these jean jackets were associated with mid-school and cowboys. They have now made their mark in modern fashion statement. They are a must now if you wish you get a classic style. You can rock a denim jacket with your basic white tee and add classy sandals and some gold jewelry to get that perfect fresh summery look or late spring outfit. Denim jackets are an impeccable version of a pasta bowl, as you can pair it with basically anything as it’s like a blank canvas.

  1. Black Dress

A black dress is cliché for a reason, it’s important for every wardrobe. Think about one occasion where a black dress would have been inappropriate. The answer is none. A black dress is a wardrobe staple, you can create many outfit ideas and it works feasibly in different settings. You can pair a black dress with all-white sneakers to give it a fresh summery look, with a bright cardigan and some pearls, it could be worn officially.